Osaka's main attractions

Town that does not get tired even if it comes many times "Osaka" It is not very
easy to visit once, but I can not sightseeing. Here, we introduce major tourist
destinations, but in
reality there are lots more fun in Osaka!
Hungry after Osaka sightseeing please fill with the Tsuruya!



Universal Studios Japan, Osaka's world-class theme park, "USJ" for short.
It opened in March of 2001. You can enjoy movie and animation attractions that are well known both worldwide and everyone!
Its scale and quality are undoubtedly the world's highest peak!
Adults and children can definitely enjoy together!

Because it is divided into several areas, even if you walk around the whole stomach Pekopeco!
After having fun and hungry enough at USJ, get on with Okonomiyaki at the vineyard!



Deep Spot Tsutenkaku in Osaka, no Kansai!
Speaking of Osaka here! There is no one who does not feel Osaka by seeing this!
There are a lot of kushikatsu shops famous for that "twice pickled ban" around the Tsutenkaku!

"Billiken san" that is regarded as the god of happiness.
Though the fifth floor of Tsutenkaku is famous, in the vicinity of Tsutenkaku, you can see various Billiken san!
Do you know how to call happiness?



Osaka is an aquarium in Tempozan "Kaiyukan". Also the world's largest Ferris wheel in Tempozan!
There are plenty of cute animals with whale sharks from penguins, penguins to dolphins, seals to seas otters!

The ship "Captain Line" connecting the Osaka Aquarium and the USJ!
"Tempozan Market Place" shopping mall facing the sea!



It is here that you can see that glyco sign, Dotonbori!
On weekend nights the spot is always lively with lots of people!
A lot of brand shops and delicious rice stands too! Of course there are places to play!

I can do sightseeing by taking a pleasure boat on the Dotonbori River during the day!
Please fill your stomach with okonomiyaki "Tsuruya" after playing a lot in Dotonbori like that!

#Koshien Stadium


Summer noon is a game against Hanshin in high school baseball / professional baseball season!
After the excitement and excitement at the baseball game of Koshien stadium, please have a "Tsuruya" okonomiyaki!

Access is easy, too, and it is relatively easy to come and go from Koshien stadium to Umeda!



Come laugh when speaking of Osaka! Speaking of comedy "Namba Gundoh Summer"!
This is a Japanese comedy place here called so-called NGK!
Enjoy it all the time, laugh all the while to blow all the bad things every day!

Okonomiyaki of "Tsuruya" is the best if you are laughing and your stomach is empty!

#Osaka Castle


Osaka Castle is definitely one of Osaka's tourist attractions
The exterior is still at that time, inside is the first floor to the eighth floor all the time as the data museum, various things of the Warring States period are exhibited as materials!
The statues and buildings of Toyotomi Hideyoshi remained as it is not only inside the castle but also outside the castle, and there are also staff who explain the use at the time
It's fun to be studying as it is deployed!

Before going to Osaka Castle, you can enjoy even more by watching Toyotomi Hideyoshi and a certain river drama!

Okonomiyaki Turuya

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